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Check out our main cast below and more on IMDb.



​​Ryan Hansen stars as "Michael Harris," a loveable jerk with an unlhealthy penchant for tweeting, posting, and Facebook stalking. You might know Ryan from his roles on TV's Veronica Mars and Party Down. Or you might have seen him in the Veronica Mars Movie, which played in theaters this past spring. Still can't get enough Ryan? Check him out in the new Veronica Mars spinoff series Play It Again, Dick on CWSeed. 

James Immekus plays Michael's push-over colleague and confidante "Emile Lewis." James has guest starred on over a dozen hit TV shows including Mad Men, Grey's Anatomy, Justified, CSI, and House to name only a few. Most recently, he recurred for three episodes on Once Upon A Time on ABC and guest starred on Supernatural on The CW. Check out his comedic chops in this hilarious Taco Bell commercial.



Zach McGowan ​plays Michael's childhood best friend "Joel." Fans of Showtime's hit Shameless will know him as the naked guy "Jody." And if you haven't seen Starz's hot pirate drama Black Sails, do so immediately because Zach stars as the show's lead villain "Captain Charles Vane" and he's downright badass. Be sure to catch Zach in Universal's new action drama Dracula Untold, in theaters now. 

Sarah Smick plays a mysterious figure from Michael's past known as "Rhune Muhleif." In addition to acting in the film, Sarah directed it as well (yes, this is a bro-mance directed by a female!). On top of directing, Sarah produced the film and co-wrote the script with producer Ian Michaels.


Ian Michaels plays Joel's new best friend and Michael's arch nemesis "Kev." Ian co-wrote the screenplay for Friended to Death with director Sarah Smick and he produced the film as well. We assure you, he is a much more pleasant and intelligent human being IRL than he is in the movie.


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